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LogoTurq-circleWhat can you expect from Avid Autism Advocates? You can expect compassion and loving-kindness, a futuristic way to assist the parents of Autistic folks and others on the Spectrum to become their own practitioners. It is our duty as a modernistic way of thinking to teach you as a subscriber how to be your own mentor for your precious child that is having a meltdown in the store as you try and avoid the stares of the other shoppers. Most finally pick their child up by the arm and walk out leaving the groceries behind. Our website and company is called Avid Autism Advocates L.L.C. and we have lived the life.

My partner Marion Pusey has a son that is now 29 and about to marry a lovely young lady and was speechless for the first five years of his life. She devised a teaching method, not having the money for speech pathologist and became her own teacher of her son. There was violence and meltdowns and many physical maladies that were misdiagnosed. He is now a grown man, a very handsome man and so precious and kind. He treats his fiancé like the Queen that she is.

When you sign up or join as a paid member for the special limited time introductory price of only $29.99 a year (normally $49.99), that’s less then a dollar a week, you will begin to see the brilliance of what our team has put together to assist you and keep you from going bankrupt making the same errors many have made. You will have access to two blogs a week each on a different subject. One will be written by myself and another by a guest, perhaps another curious writer, a practitioner, a Specialized Doctor or specifically and more then not, an Autistic person who is willing to tell the story of how it feels to be Autistic. We will also host as a blog writer the families of these Autistic folks and they will tell us their deepest darkest sides of Autism and again the Sunny days of being so lucky to have an Autistic child. We will also have a tool called the Autis-i-pedia which will have every word we can find that has to do with Autism and the spectrum along with its lengthy definition and links on how to deal with that malady.

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  Blessings from the Autism loving family that really wants to help you with your children and will!

  Marion Pusey, President

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